Caz O'Kane

grant writing, training & advice

I support charities, community organisations and social enterprises to gain funding from trusts, foundations and other funders.   


I’m interested in working with inspiring organisations  - no matter how small - who are committed to making the world a better place, one project at a time. 

what I do

  • grant writing - You supply me with information about your project and your organisation.  I sit in a dark room and write your application.  You review and I edit until we are both happy with the finished result. 

  • train - I run hands-on training workshops that demystify the application-writing process, and equip participants with the skills and confidence needed to write winning bids.  This might be a beginner’s guide to grant writing.  It might be that you have a specific training need.  Either way I can help. I run both open and tailored workshops.

  • review - your application is kind-of written, but is still a bit rough round the edges.  You are probably sick of the sight of it.  Maybe you are losing the will to live.  You would definitely value some input.  That’s where I come in.  I’ll take your draft, and read it over (again and again).  I’ll suggest edits, and keep on doing this until you have a finished product worthy of submitting to your funder.

  • search - you know you would like some funds.  You know there are funders out there. But, you have no idea where to find funders that fund the sort of thing you need funding for.  I know all about this, and will carry out detailed research, and find you funders and funding streams tailored to what you are looking for.

'It’s easy to understand the questions on a grant application form, but understanding what key information to include requires a skill we didn’t possess. Caz does, and her help was absolutely invaluable in getting us our first funding. We cannot thank her or recommend her enough.'

'It made me feel a lot less daunted by the prospect of applying for funding, and I would recommend her to anyone competing for grant funding.'